Buying from The Tony Lutwyche Academy

The LUTWYCHE name has always been associated with the finest hand made clothing and The Academy line is no exception. Despite this being a "Ready to Wear" line, the way that we deal with clients is directly influenced by LUTWYCHE's history of excellence in attention to detail and service.

1. The Appointment

The first stage of the process, this can happen either in the LUTWYCHE showroom in Mayfair or alternatively at your workplace, whichever is more convenient. A LUTWYCHE client liaison will take your measurements to find the best fit for you and guide you through our range of beautiful fabrics. 


2. Finishing

The sleeves of your jacket will be adjusted to suit you and the 4-button cuff will be finished off.

The trousers will also be adjusted according to your measurements with your choice of finishing. Plain finish and turn-ups are offered. 


3. Delivery

Your beautiful Lutwyche Academy Suit will be delivered to you at home or at work within a week. 

Tony Lutwyche